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Anzac 2015 Hotel Accommodation

If you intended to come to Anzac Day 2015 but were not selected in "The ballot", dont worry. We would like to share information about alternative Tours to 2015 ANZAC day in Gallipoli.

You will be able to experience ANZAC from the alternative places, still in gallipoli. Although you cannot attend the ANZAC Cove on 24th to 25th of April (Only Ballot Holders) you will be able to view it on a large screen.

For a long time we have discussed with the Australian Government, New Zealand Government and Turkish Tourism Authorities regarding the ballot systems and the alternatives ceremonies places.

On 31st of March the Gallipoli ballot was completed and many people missed out. Because of this, we all met to organise alternatives places for those who wants to come to Turkey for 2015 ANZAC Day with SAMYELI TRAVEL.

From the alternative places you will see the ceremonies from a large screen but they will not be attending the ANZAC Cove on 24th to 25th of April.

Our aim is to look after all our customers and offer our best services during your trip in Turkey.

If you like to visit ANZAC Cove I would recommend you to book our ANZAC Tour 2015.

Our itinerary Thursday 23rd April - Istanbul to Gallipoli - Guided Tour of Gallipoli  you will visit the:
-Kabatepe War Museum
-Anzac Cove
-Hell Spit Cemetery
-Lone Pine
-The Nek
-Chunuk Bair War memorial.

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Go with gallipoli tours to the Turkey Anzac Tours for an amazing experience of Anzac Tours 2015in this amazing country. Get to see a side of Anzac day gallipoli tours which few ever get to witness. Gallipoli anzac tours  We have been providing this tour for many years - Anzac Tours Gallipoli- and we are confident that you will get the best experience of Anzac tours Turkey 2015 when you avail our services. Anzac Day Tours Our special tours for the Gallipoli day toursAnzac day include luxury travel and accommodation services along with a lot of documentaries Anzac tour on the importance of Anzac day which we will provide to you as part of the tour package Gallipoli ANZAC Day Gallipoli Tours We promise the best services turkey Anzac day tours 2015 in the country and specialise in holding special Anzac tours turkey  that will allow you to experience Anzac day tours Gallipoli 2015 in Turkey in a never before seen manner. Anzac cove tours

You will travel in a fully air conditioned luxury tours Turkey bus which has all the modern amenities. To ensure the comfort of our guests, we enforce a no smoking policy for these buses. Watch Turkey welcome Anzac day 2015, with 2015 anzac tours, with much sombre pride. You will receive souvenirs and special commemorative T-shirts which will all be based on the theme of Anzac day tours Turkey. You will visit Gallipoli as a part of this tour and will be able to witness the memorial services. To make sure that you do not miss anything, we will make sure that you arrive a day before the Anzac day and are well rested for the memorial services. Our Anzac cove tours package charges are all inclusive and you will never have to worry about any hidden charges. Even the entry fee for the memorial site will be taken care of by us. You will be accompanied by our guides who speak fluent English and will help you understand the events unfolding around. We will provide for your stay at 3 and 4 star Gallipoli hotel and our staff include nationals from Turkey, Australia and New Zealand and they will ensure that you feel right at home. These staff members have extensive knowledge of the various sites in Turkey and you will be able to ask them anything you want to know about day tours Gallipoli or other cities in Turkey. To ensure your safety, we also employ private security services who will look after you and your family members.

Anzac Tours Turkey

Anzac Day Tours 2015

We run 12 different Anzac Day Tours and all tours include all entrance fees, and many meals, Turkey Anzac Tours 2015...

Turkey Anzac Tours 2015

Anzac Day Tours 2015, We also anzac 100th anniversary tour the Battlefields on 5, 6, 8, 16 Days on 23rd or 26th...

Gallipoli Anzac Day Tours 2016

On 18 March 1915 the armies of the enemy from the sea may not pass won Canakkale Naval Wars...

Anzac Day Gallipoli Tours 2017

Anzac Day, the 25th of April of each year by the Australians and New Zealanders...

Anzac day derives its name from the acronym for the troops who were called the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC). Many New Zealand and Australian nationals visit Gallipoli on Anzac day to pay their respects to the fallen with Gallipoli day tours.

Anzac day is celebrated on 25th April each year in fond remembrance of all the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought and died in Gallipoli during the First World War. Anzac day is a national holiday in both Australia and New Zealand and is celebrated as a day when brave soldiers laid down their lives to protect the free world. Anzac day tours Gallipoli

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This city has a history of rebelliousness. In the past, it was involved in the Persian and Peloponnesian wars...

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Istanbul is one of the rare cities in the world, which lies on the two continents- Asian and European....

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Izmir, one of Turkey's biggest port and 3rd biggest City in Turkey and the population is approx 4 million...

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City Kusadasi has a very rich and diverse history. Founded by Ionian settlers and known as Neapolis...

Whether you decide to go to the Private Ephesus Tours or Istanbul Tours Shore Excursions in TurkeyEphesus Tours Company in Kusadasi, Turkey, will provide you a great service, expert guides and VIP transportation which will be in correspondence with an excellent value...

Comfort and pleasure, as well as the safety of our guests, are our top priority. That is the main reason why we only use VIP transportation and professional Tourist Guides with the knowledge of the most popular foreign languages for our Private Ephesus Tours and Private Istanbul Tours.

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About Anzac Day

Anzac day derives its name from the acronym for the troops who were called the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC). Many New Zealand and Australian nationals visit Gallipoli on Anzac day to pay their respects to the fallen with Gallipoli day tours.

Anzac day is celebrated on 25th April each year in fond remembrance of all the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought and died in Gallipoli during the First World War. Anzac day is a national holiday in both Australia and New Zealand and is celebrated as a day when brave soldiers laid down their lives to protect the free world. Anzac day tours Gallipoli

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The war saw many casualties and the Allied forces finally had to withdraw after an intense battle that lasted 9 months and caused the death of thousands of Allied soldiers. The ANZACS distinguished themselves during this war and fought valiantly. Their bravery saved many lives and made them forever immortal in the minds of both nations.

Anzac Cove Tours

We are offering a special discount to our clients if they make reservations for the Anzac day service before 15th November, 2013. All you have to do is contact us on our email id.

Secure your spot for the Anzac tours 2015 by either registering on our website or by directly going to this link.

(In the event of this link is not working, you can also make a reservation on our website by visiting our Book Now section. Alternatively, you can also just copy paste the link provided below into a new tab of your internet browser and hit enter: https://www5205.ssldomain.com/samyelitravel/anzac-booking/sammysanzacbooking2015.htm )

You will need to deposit at least 25% of the tour price before 1st April, 2015. In case you fail to make this payment, we will have to allot your spot to another client.

Anzac Tours

I look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions about our services.

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The significance of Anzac Day

Anzac Tours Gallipoli

Anzac day is celebrated in honour of the elite soldiers from Australia and New Zealand who were known as ANZAC. The day has a mournful history behind it, but the two nations now look at this day as a day of hope. Citizens from both these countries arrive in Gallipoli to witness the memorial service held in honour of these fallen heroes.

The memorial service is held jointly by the nations of Turkey, Australia and New Zealand. Special services take place in the morning and veterans and their families hold a number of marches in the city throughout the day. There are many war memorials across the country, and similar marches can be witnessed around them as well.

Prayer ceremonies are held by the locals for the souls of the fallen ANZAC soldiers. There is an entire ceremony that is organised by the respective armies of the two countries for their soldiers. Families laying red poppies next to the names of their fallen soldiers are a common sight during this time. It is also tradition to wear rosemary on this day.

Gallipoli Day Tours

The Legacy of the Anzac Biscuit

Anzac Day Tours

Anzac biscuits are the special ration that these brave soldiers received from their family members while they were fighting the Ottoman armies in Gallipoli. Families were asked to send non-perishable food that had high nutrition value and biscuits emerged as the most obvious solution. Initially known as the Soldier’s biscuit, these biscuits were renamed to Anzac biscuits in honour of the troops.

A hundred years since the fall of the Anzac

Anzac Tours Gallipoli

The siege into Gallipoli took place in 1915 and in 2015. One hundred years will have passed since this great tragedy took place and a sense of loss has been replaced by a renewed vigour, and both Australia and New Zealand now celebrate this day as a day of hope.

Make sure that you book your place in the 2015 Anzac tours for its 100 year anniversary or you will have to miss out on joining a Gallipoli tour on this historic day when 25th April, anzac day Turkey 2015 rolls by with a Gallipoli Turkey tours.

“April 25 marks a historic day in the lives of New Zealand and Australian citizens. This is the day when the brave ANZAC forces made up of soldiers from the two countries had stormed into Gallipoli, Turkey along with the allied forces. These forces faced heavy resistance and had to spend 9 months in a hostile country. The Allied forces suffered a lot of casualties and were finally forced to withdraw.

The military siege intended to quickly remove the rulers in Istanbul who were sympathetic to Germany, and clear the country’s ports for use by the British navy. The attack proved to be a failure, but the ANZAC forces made a name for themselves during this battle and their tales of heroics still live on today.

Now, 25 April is celebrated as Anzac day in Turkey, Australia and New Zealand and memorial services are held in the remembrance of these soldiers. The day holds a deep significance in the hearts of citizens of all three countries. Gallipoli Anzac has become a major tourist attraction in both New Zealand and Australia and Gallipoli gets filled with tourists from these two countries who show up with anzac Gallipoli tours on Anzac day to pay their respects.

The ANZAC soldiers were part of the first infantry of Allied forces that led the charge into Turkey. The infantry was made up of armies from all the countries that were a part of the British Commonwealth. The Allied forces fought and died in an effort to clear the way for the Allied navy forces which could provide a decisive blow to Germany.

The battle of Gallipoli brought the citizens of these three countries closer and they now share a day where they stand in a moment of silence and remember the great loss of life. We started this special commemorative tour of the Gallipoli peninsula to allow anyone from New Zealand and Australia to visit Turkey tours during the Anzac day services.  Turkey tours travel

Anzac Tours

We try to make sure that your visit into a foreign nation is comfortable. The sudden rush of tourists before the Anzac day causes all Anzac hotels to fill up. Many tourists have had to camp in the open and sleep on the ground because they could not find any accommodation. Enlist the services of Sammy Travel for a Turkey trip and we will take care of your visit to Gallipoli. We provide a complete Anzac tour service which includes everything from accommodation to travel arrangements. Make your reservations with us and then simply arrive at Gallipoli on the prescribed date and we will take it from there with our Gallipoli anzac tours or one of the other travel packages to Turkey.

We provide luxury private Turkey tours all over Turkey and our special remembrance tours for Anzac day are renowned for being the best in the country. We will ensure that you travel in comfort and do not have to face even a single inconvenience while you are our guests.

Go through our website in order to discover all the different packages we offer for a cheap Anzac day tours. We highly recommend that you make your reservation for April, 2015 while we still have spots left for the Anzac tours 2015. The 100 year anniversary of the Anzac day is expected to attract an unprecedented number of Australian and New Zealand nationals who will want to attend this historic day.

We have provided complete details about our various Turkey travel packages on our website and we are confident that you will find an Anzac day package that will be perfect for you. As Turkey gets ready for 2015’s Anzac day, we recommend that you also make reservations for the 2015 Anzac day which will mark the completion of 100 years since the first time the Anzac forces marched into Gallipoli fearlessly. “