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Our Customers Feedbacks

had an awesome time. Guide + coach driver were amazing. Loved
every minute of tour. Will be coming back for more soon to tour
with Yalcın. Yalcın + Rıza made the trip worth doing. Have made
lots of new friend in Turkey. Cant wait to come back. 

William Hoile (Anzac Day Tour 2009)

had a great time and would definitely recommended this tour to
my friends and family back home. I especially appreciated
Yalçin, our guide, who had great knowledge of all the places
that we visited! 

Claire Brooks (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Had heaps of fun and will recommend this tour to ethers.

Thank you
Anzac Day in Tuyrkey

Dean Wheildon (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

will definitely return to Turkey someday. Thanks to what you
have shown me. Thanks Bulet too. 

Elizabeth Anne Muscat
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Our guide Bulent was a real top man! Real helpful, friendly &
funny! Always aims 2 please. He went the extra mile from being a
great guide to being a great mate. Like the honesty & no hidden
cost of the tour. 

Simon Rabbidge
(Anzac Day Tour 2009)

Fantastic tour.  Extremely well organized. Bulent was amazing
guide; friendly, extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.
Samyeli staff very friendly seemed to go out of their way to
help us.

Maneesh Nahna & Emma Webster 
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Remember this forever!! Exceeded my expectations!! Bulents

Zoe Ann Simpson (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

wonderful week – thank you! Bulent is a legend!! I beg for 10 of
his knowledgeable of history. His warmth, friendliness + his
knowledgeable made the trip. We will definitely come back to
Turkey to Samyeli (& Bulent) Thank you!!! Üxxx 

Katie Hogan (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Very enjoyable tour. Bulent was a fantastic guide. It was great
to have local knowledge and he was lots of fun as well as easy

Felicity De Lang (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Bulent was an excellent guide. 

Rowan Pollock
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Excellent tour, excellent tour guide and driver. Couldn’t ask
for any more. Thank you very much.

Ben Kirkwood (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Great guide Bulent!!! 

Trevor Marson
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

good tour made great by our tour guide Bulent. 

Alice Lysaght
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Bulent amazing. 

Alejandro Contreras & Chris Tranter
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Accommodation was amazing! Bulent was amazing. 

Nicola Bray 
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Great guide. Very well organized trip. Thanks for a great

Katie Hogan 
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Bulent; always in high spirits – keep everyone enthusiastic. 

Alice Townsin (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Fantastic tour & guide  

Jae Gerhard (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Bulent wanderfull 

Shona Bray 
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Bulent was very very good! 

Joel Darling 
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Great value for money. Everyone made the children feel very

Robert Ivers & Cassandra Ivers & Hayden Ivers &
Rachael Ivers
 (Anzac Day Tour 2009)

Great time! Thank you! 

Vanessa Kirkham & Santiago Fernandez (Anzac
Day Tour 2009) 

had a fantastic time, the guide was awesome. 

Odette Boland & Dominic Boland
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

were more than happy with our 6 Day Gallipoli – Troy Tour. Our
guide Yigit was very helpful and informative. We were impressed
with the mommoth task, after Chunuk Bair Service, of us all on
buses. Samyeli Travel very efficient. We enjoyed meeting the
boss and seeing his prescience.  Thank you.  

Margaret & Richard
 (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Anzac & Troy Tour was excellent. Thank you very much for making
our time in Turkey so memorable, an experience we as NZers will
never forget. 

Thank you. Kylie Galbraith & Shiraan
 (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Levent is a fantastic guide! 

Megan Elizabeth Elmes
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Levent was fantastic, an excellent guide. Very knowledgeable &

Benjamin Reece & Elizabeth Cohen
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Best tour guide every very helpful and friendly and funny!! 

Christopher Patten
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Very well conditioned tour. Levent was brilliant, gave us lots
of information, very well organized. We always had a clear

Joanna Patten (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

had a great time. Levent is fantastic, very informative and

Luke Dutton (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Levent our tour guide was great, very knowledgeable and always
helping. Bus driver good + efficient. Gallipoli Tour was great.

Sarah Sweeten
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Levent our guide was great. We had a great time in Gallipoli and
I would recommend you everyone.

Diana Kither (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

had a wonderful time and I would highly recommend this tour to
friends. Our guide was excellent. There was no stress or
disorganization. The tour was amazing. 

Heather McLaughlin
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Our guide (Levent) was fantastic – very funny, helpful and
knowledgeable. We tough the tour was very well organized and
liked doing the memorials the day before, everyone else! 

Clayton Breeds &
Angela Beard
 (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Really enjoyable tour. Very well organized. Levent was

Simon Paget 
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Levent our tour guide was exceptional. A true gentleman full of

Kristi McDonald
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Levent is a great tour guide. Very knowledgeable, helpful,
generally a very lovely person. He made the trip worthwhile.  

Aby Hutchison
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

wanted to say thank you for this prize as I was the winner of
the Anzac Tour competition. I enjoyed the tour of Gallipoli &
the chance to be able to attend the down service. Thank you
again for all your assistance. 

Rebecca Lee Purcase
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

The tour was fabulous, learnt so much and would recommend
Samyeli Travel to others. Levent especially made the tour what
it was, which made it extra special.  

Georgie Gorman (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Denise was very good. Very enjoyable & knowledgeable.  

Benjamin Coleman (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Denise was very informative and friendly. The Nomadic Village
was excellent.  

Renee Richards (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Denise was great! Really enjoyed the village tour. 

Reganne Matheson (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Really ejoyed the trip guys. Dennis did a great jop with the
group with his knowledge + help. Really enjoyed the stay at Oren
Resort. Village tour great. 

Sarah Ivanovic
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Had enjoyed the trip overall. Well organized. Tour guide
(Dennis) was very friendly and helpful!

(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Great tour, loved getting a chance to tour the battle sites &
graveyards on 23rd before the masses. Dennis was a
fabulous knowledgeable, well organized tour guide. Thank you. 

Amelia Tennent 
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Was a really enjoyable tour. Guide was really knowledgeable and
the whole tour was well organized.

Jason Conduit (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Dennis was fantastic. Overall everything was great. 

Karla Simpson
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

For a hectic day, it was organized really well.  

Clare Mitchell
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

had a great time. Well organized. Dennis was really friendly and

Ryan Bennet 
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Abraham was very helpful and entertaining and worked very hard
to look after us. His experience was appreciated.  

Joanna Field & Matthew Andrews (Anzac Day
Tour 2009)

Abraham was the highlight of Samyeli Travel package.  

Michael Stribling (Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Our guide was great, tour was fantastic.  

Jennifer Trott
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Yılmaz our guide was fantastic. He really made the tour and went
out of his way to help us.

Kylie Day 
(Anzac Day Tour 2009) 

Very good tour! Yılmaz was an excellent guide. He was very
informative, had a good sense of honor and looked after
everyone. There was a lot of information to take in on the
Istanbul City tour.

Tammy Henderson (Anzac Day Tour 2009)

All staff very helpful, friendly which made the tour excellent
experience. I enjoyed my first time to Turkey which was made
with the help Yılmaz.

Kym Gardner 
(Anzac Day Tour 2009)

Everything was good. The tour was very scheduled + on time. I
would travel with Samyeli again.

Lauren Taylor
(Anzac Day Tour 2009)

Very good tour, well scheduled & organized on time, good
experience & knowledge from Yılmaz, who seemed very organized &
knowledgeable about the areas as well as friendly.  

Frank Mullenger
(Anzac Day Tour 2009)

was a great experience. The tour guide was full of knowledge,
explained all things and spoke good English. Helpful at all

Leisa Grieve & Craig Fraser
(Anzac Day Tour 2009)

Very informative and enjoyable tour. Many thanks.

Daniel Roberts
(Anzac Day Tour 2009)

My name is Eddie Kilic from Sydney Australia.
I was in one of your tour groups at Gallipoli in Turkey in April 2008. On
bus number 15. Since I am back at home now and settled back into the usual
routine of work and running my business, I thought I will give you some feed
back on the tour that you had organized. From the moment that I enquired
about your tours and made the bookings through your professional staff such
as Samyeli Travel,I had a feeling that I was with the best team. The program
that you had administered during Gallipoli was a work of genius, where we
managed to get to see a lot of what Anzac cove had to offer and more. Your
guide Yalcin bey is a master of knowledge and a true gentleman. Our group
dubbed Yalcin bey as a walking encyclopaedia as he had all the,
dates,names,events and the answers that Google search couldn’t come up with.
Due to your well organization of the tour, I felt the Anzac spirit and seen
a small picture of what the Anzacs and the Turks went through during this
war. During the next 13 days the places where your team took us really took
my breath away.

The adventures we had at Gallipoli, Edremit, kusadsi, Selcuk, Ephesis,
Koycegiz, Olympus, and Fethiyeand Cappadocia were breath taking. Your guide
Yaltin bey exceeded all our expectations due to his knowledge and his
ability to pass them on to us. In Cappadocia I couldn’t help over hearing
other tour group member’s comments, where they wished Yalcin bey was their
tour guide due to his great knowledge and skill to pass that on to the
group. Our bus driver Arif bey Is also a credit to your organization. The
group found Arif bey to be a professional and a caring person whom had
safety on his mind. He was helpful in anyway possible and he kept the bus
clean and tidy at all times.

Your company should be commended on the organization and the flawless
execution of the programs that you had listed on your fact file. The hardest
part of this tour was saying good bye to all our new found friends and
leaving the care of your wonderful staff. I would like to take this
opportunity to say thank you for being there for us and showing us the true
beauty of Turkey.

I also would like to thank Samyeli Travel ,Yalcin bey,Arif bey just to name
a few for all their help with the five star treatment we received from them.
No matter where we stayed they made sure we were treated like celebrities.

I have been recommending your tour company to all my staff, customers,
friends and family as I believe something this good should be shared.

Once again thank you for letting me be your guest as it was a true pleasure
to be part of your group.

Yours sincerely

Eddie Kilic
(Managing director)

I enjoyed our trip very much, very helpful
guide and comfortable bus and accommodation.  I feel the Gallipoli
experience was enhanced by Samyeli Tour and I will have no hesitation in
recommending your group to anyone who is considering similar travels.

Thank you so much for an excellent, informative trip.  

Jarrad  Simpson (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Tour guide was fantastic – not only did I have
a great time but learnt a lot about Turkish history that I did not know. Bus
driver was great.

A Tour I will never forget!! Thanks!!  

Raquel Pert (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

The staff/guides and the tour was excellent and we had a great time and
catered for our children.

Jeramie Faint (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

We had a great crew and met many new friends.
Thank you for all your hard work. I will always recommend Samyeli Travel to
my friends.

P/S Bulent is a great bloke and made my experience great. 100%

Lloyd Redstone (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Thank you so much for a wonderful week. We
have experienced so many aspects of Turkey and learned so much about your
beautiful country. A special thanks to our guide. He has been caring, fun,
knowledgeable and friendly. He has made our trip all the better.

Thanks and God Bless!

Carleen Phillips (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Thank you very much for making our stay in
Turkey so amazing.

Your commentary has been superb & your personal care much appreciated. We
will take home many wonderful memories of our time here. GOD BLESS!

P.S. You are welcome anytime in NZ!

Kerryn-Ruth Botting (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Cultural food differences made it difficult
sometimes but friendliness of people we met made up for it. I would
recommend Samyeli Travel to our friends at home. Bulent made the tour one to
Keep up the good work.

Carol Warrington (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

The tour was excellent! Our tour guide – Yigit
– was exceptional, he answered all our questions about Gallipoli, the
ANZAC’s and Turkish culture in general. And he threw in a few great stories!

Had a fantastic time, especially visiting Gallipoli Peninsula on the 23rd, a
very well organised tour! I would definitely recommend Samyeli Travel to

Deborah Style (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Fun time, interesting and would definitely
recommend friends / colleagues and family to do also. Staff / guide were all
good and interacted with everyone fantastic.

Rowan Huchinson (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Feel that I took a lot from my very short
trip. Very interesting, very enjoyable.
Mehmet was a lot of fun!

Patrick Glynn (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Had a great time. Thank you!

Maneesha Howard (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Easy tour, good communication via emails. Very
friendly guide.

Thanks Samyeli Travel

Jolanda Hazebroek (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

I attended a tour of Gallipoli in 2006 with
Travel Talk and this tour was 100 times better because this time tour guide
was very competent. Denis was very informative and always knew what he was

Thank you for a great tour. I will recommend.

Melissa Chapman (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

The Gallipoli Tour was fantastic and Dennis
our guide is one of the best guides I have experienced. The Guide’s
knowledge and information was fantastic and he was able to answer any
questions.  I would thoroughly recommend this tour and our guide to

Thanks for a great trip!

Dennyson Taylor  (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Tour to Battle Fields & Dawn Service
excellent. Denis our guide was tremendous his willingness to help us was
great. Samyeli Travel Staff were very helpful.

Garry Chadwick (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Had a fantastic time + experience in Turkey.
We have different cultures to Turkey which is fine; it’s all part of the
Thank you very much!

Jodie Yarwood (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

The tour itself was excellent. I would
definitely recommend it to others.

Katharine Pierce (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Levent + His Assistant (Phil) were excellent.
Great Job!!

Leon Cox (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Thank you for a great time!! Levent is a great

Hollie Morrison (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Thanks for a great trip! Levent was very
helpful & knowledgeable.

Linda Scott (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

The staff have been so helpful in helping me
plan my trip to Turkey – especially Samyeli Travel. Our guide (Levent) is
extremely knowledgeable and was a great guide. Great Trip!

Karen Debski (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Levent was an excellent guide. He had great
knowledge and was very friendly.

(Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Levent was a fantastic tour guide – very
friendly, knowledgeable and his English is 100% I have wanted to go ANZAC
Day at Gallipoli since I was very young so it was an amazing experience and
Samyeli TOURS were a really good tour company to go with The gala dinner
entertainment was soo good!

Thanks for making such an amazing experience.

Rachel Cuthbert (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

It was an excellent tour, good value for
Money, Levent was an great tour guide with very good knowledge of the ANZAC

Sarah Spiry (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Levent has an excellent tour guide who knew a
lot about what he was teaching us, to ensure we got the most out of our

Cathryn Bradley (Anzac Day Tours 2008)


I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all at Samyeli for a wonderful
time in Turkey last week.  The tour was great – Hasan and Ali were are
great team, very helpful, lots of fun and always willing to help. 
Please pass on my thanks to them.  All other Samyeli staff that I met
were also very helpful and friendly.

I really enjoyed my time in Turkey and am looking forward to visiting again.

Michelle Gerwitz (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

All in all, was fantastic tour! Really enjoyed
it & have no regrets!

Thanks XX
(Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Had a fantastic experience!!

Sheena Snowden (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Fantastic and memorable experience!! Hasan was
an excellent guide and made the trip very memorable – Thank you!

Lee Harris (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

The tour & guide provided an excellent insight
to Turkey & ANZAC Day. It was very well organised & we were always well
informed of the upcoming days programme.

Well done to the staff of Samyeli Travel will be sure recommend to friends &

(Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Overall a very good tour, excellent guide with
lots of knowledge. It was also a very organised tour.

I would recommend this tour we had an excellent tour guide and driver.  

James Kerr (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Chengis was an excellent tour guide who
answered all our questions and taught us a lot about Turkey. I hope he does
another 10 Anzac Tours. The tour was excellent value for Money.
Thank you very much.    

Angela Best (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Tour guide was fantastic – Enthusiastic,
knowledgeable and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed this tour for more than
anticipating. I’ll be recommending Samyeli Tours to everyone.

P.S. Cengis was superb!    

Ian Smith (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

I loved the tour, had a great time. Cengiz is
fantastic & I will recommend to my friends!!

Thanks guys!!    

Kylie Conolly (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

I had the most wonderful time and will
recommend Samyeli Travel and Cengiz!

Samyeli Travel, I can’t speak highly enough of your service and efficiency.

Superb thanks!     

Trish Dowd (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

To whom it may concern,

Would just like to say a big thank you to Samyeli Travel for the fantastic
time we had in Turkey on the 6 Day tour with the tour guide Levent.  We
were all very impressed with all services throughout the tour and would like
to especially thank our guide Levent for his fantastic knowledge and all his

Thanks Again.  

Heath Phillips, Danniel Gifford, Tick Phillips, Renee Phillips (Anzac Day
Tours 2008)


Just wanted to let you know that we had a great tour with Samyeli Travel and
particularly want to commend our tour guide who was Genghis.  He was
excellent, knowledgeable, funny and made our tour even more enjoyable. 
We would definitely recommend Samyeli Travel for Anzac tours.  Also we
really enjoyed the lazy day at the Thermal hotel.   
Just wanted to let you know that we did enjoy the tour and hope you will
pass on to Genghis particularly how good we found him as a guide.

Kind regards

Annalyse O’dea (Anzac Day Tours 2008)


Just a quick note to thank you for a great anzac tour. Dennis the tour guide
did a fantastic job under pressure organizing us and we thank him for that.
we had a good time.

thank you and your team…. 

Sue & Peter Massey Phillips (Anzac Day Tours 2008)


I’m sorry it has taken me so long to contact you. I just wanted to once
again thank you for all your help in trying to track down my lost luggage in
airport during the Anzac Day tour that I attended.  You and your staff
did an excellent job and I appreciated all your efforts.  I thoroughly
enjoyed the tour and will be recommending Samyeli Travel to all my friends
who may wish to spend Anzac Day in Gallipoli.

Thanks and Regards,

Julia McAlpine (Anzac Day Tours 2008)

Dee and Daryl Pratt (Anzac 2007)

Congratulations Hasan

We were very lucky to have been part of Samyeli Travel 8 tour to Gallipoli
this year and we would like to thank all concerned in making our tour a very
happy memory we will enjoy for the rest of our lives.

Our special thanks to our wonderful guide Hasan.  What a lovely young
man, he is a credit to his country. He shared so much knowledge with us we
can’t thank him enough for making our tour very, very special.

Please look after him for us, he is an asset to your company.

We have never been on a tour where everyone mixed so well and we have all
been in contact, via email, since our return to our homes on Saturday.

Congratulations Samyeli Travel, we will recommend you to our friends and

Kind regards

Haylee ( Anzac 2007 )

Hi to all at Samyeli Travel

I would just like to say that this was the best holiday I have ever had and
that our tour group and tour guide was the best group I have ever been on.

I would like to thank everyone involved for making this an unforgettable
holiday and I would always recommend Samyeli Travel to anyone wanting to do
the ANZAC tour.

Thanks for some of the best memories, I will always treasure.

Andrew. (Anzac 2007)


I would appreciate it if you would pass this on to all the relevant people.

Clare and I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone at Samyeli
for such an excellent trip.  We would like to make special mention to
you and Hasan who were helpful beyond anything we could ask for and we are
so grateful.

I have done several tours in my travels, and this was by far the best. 
The support provided before the tour and the excellent help starting at the
airport and ongoing until we were back in London was exceptional. 

Your organisation skills are an asset to the company, and Hasan’s tour
management was brilliant.

I will be highly recommending you to anyone else I know interested in Turkey
and I wish you all the best with all future tours.

Once again, thank you so much and please pass on my thanks to Sammy and the
rest of the team.

Kind regards,

Cassie Muttdon & Ben Timms (Anzac 2007)

I just wanted to let you know that our Tour Guide was Levent and he was the
most amazing tour guide that we could have asked for! Everyone on Bus 5
enjoyed themselves immensely and it was mostly thanks to Levent.
We found him to be very knowledgeable, humorous and very kind and provided
us with interesting facts about Turkey that made our trip worthwhile.
Because of Levent we will definitely be recommending Samyeli Travel to our
friends for next years ANZAC Day trip.
If you could please pass on our thanks to him, we would be very grateful.
Kind Regards


Thought I would give you feedback on the 6 day Gallipoli tour 2006 (bus 9) I
found out about the tour through advertising in Gumtree and through search

I was really pleased with the tour. Things I was particularly impressed with
were: our tour guide Ahmet – he was amazing! the timing of the Turkish Baths
upon returning from Gallipoli – they were great also I really liked the
thermal resort we stayed at before we went to Gallipoli – the drive was
worth it and the food was great I also really enjoyed seeing the local art
in the village museum.

The dinner at the fish markets was also good Things that could be improved
on: The bus rides are quite long, and it might be nice to have a guitar on
board for a sing along to help pass the time Was not too impressed with the
showers or water at the Istanbul hotel – Birbey?. The water stopped and came
out brown a few times. That was a little gross and scary. And the lights on
the stairwell weren’t working properly

There was some confusion with our transfer, even though we emailed our
flight times and receipt of these were confirmed by the company. These had
not been recorded on the transfer log, but our transfer was fine in the end.
(Just a small thing)

Otherwise very pleased with the tour, the weather and all the people I met.
Will definitely recommend this experience to friends. Thank you.

Ka kite,

Michelle Hall,


I wanted to take the time to write and say what a fantastic holiday I had in

I can’t tell you enough how wonderful our guide and driver were. Sedat
Kirkan has such an amazing knowledge of Turkey and it’s history – there was
no a question he was unable to answer. He always made a conscious effort to
ensure that we had the best time we possibly could all throughout our
holiday. Our driver Tufan Igel put in some extremely long hours and his
driving was outstanding. He was always very professional and courteous. I
truly hope that I am lucky enough to have guides and drivers of their
calibre when I next travel.

Thank you very much again. All the best for the future.

Kylie Hall,

I thought that the tour package was of a high standard I found that the tour
guide was very approachable and knowledgeable of the tour of ANZAC itself.

I found the Turkish explanation interesting for ANZAC as we only learn of
the all sides in our Schools. It was nice to get a true feel for both sides
of the ANZAC Story.

I would recommend this tour to others and will consider Samyeli Travel as
first option for tours next time I’m in Turkey.

Thank you for all your hard work!!!

Lee Coghill,

Very informative & friendly guide, deriver and derivers assistant. Thanks
for helping to make my ANZAC Day experience unforgettable one.

Kerrie Macaulay,


I am happy to say I had a wonderful time in Turkey and I was very pleased
with our tour. I will be recommending the tour to friends and family.

Thanks for everything.

Paul Cazzuline,


I am just responding to give you feedback on the tour. Overall I was very
happy with it. It was well organised and run. The quality of the hotels we
stayed at were very good and the level of customer service was of a high


Debra & James Fing,

The recent Anzac Tour we did was absolutely fantastic. It was the first
organised tour we have ever done and we loved it.

One complaint – we didn’t have enough time at the Anzac Cove Museum. There
were a lot of diary entries and letters we would have loved to have read,
but didn’t have time. Barely had time to take some pics.

Our only complaint.

The rest was wonderful. Our guide Chengis (not spelt right, but pronounced
Jengis) was so caring, informative …. just sensational.

Loved it and will definitely recommend you to others.

Jo-Anne Rasmussen,


I had the most amazing time in Turkey and the ceremony was beyond all my
expectations. The tour was excellently organised and everything was
extremely enjoyable. Thank you for making my Gallipoli experience something
I will remember forever.


Kingsley Hutcherson, 

I was on the 4 day tour with Adam Pope. We enjoyed the trip very much,
learnt a lot more than what we thought we knew. Our guide was great.

Travelling to Anzac Cove the day before the ceremony was a great move &
staying at the Resort as well, I will definitely be recommending Samyeli
Travel to my Aussie mates who wish to travel to Anzac Cove in the future.

Many Thanks

Lauren Shea,

Just wanted to give you a huge thank-you for the anzac tour, we had a great
time and will never forget your lovely country. I hope you enjoyed it too!

Shirley and Helen Ballinger,
Dear Necdet and Cenk,

Thank you all for such a great tour. Turkey was a wonderful experience.
Thank you all once again.


Thank you so much for making my trip to such a wonderful experience. I am
very impressed with your excellent standards of organisation and value for



Thank you so much for everything you did for us. You made our trip so
pleasant and easy. You took care of all our transportation and all our other
arrangements that would have been difficult for us. We just got home
yesterday and we were commenting to everyone what a wonderful time we had
and how much you helped us. We will highly recommend you to anyone who is
planning a trip to Turkey. Again Thank You for everything.

Wendy and Robert,

An amazing experience, one I will remember always. An excellent tour I would
recommend to others. The tour was well organised and accommodated the needs
of the group.

Stuart and Wazza,

Hi from Australia,

Gday Sammy,
thanks for such a wonderful trip thru Turkey and to Anzac day. Cengis did a
great job and all on the tour had a great time. Was told that you will be
putting some photo’s on your website which we can see and a login area for
Samyeli Travellers to view some more. Look forward to hearing from you and
finding out what we need to do to see them.

All the best for next Anzac day,

Note: If you want to insert your ANZAC or Other Tours Comments at our
web page ,Please send a e-mail
to us